facts are funny things

I don’t know about you but I’m extremely frustrated and angry about all of the lying that’s been happening lately.  During the recent Congressional hearings, (any hearing, it doesn’t seem to matter), there’s too much “I don’t recall” and “I apologize” and “I never knew about that.”

Aw, come on!  Give me a break!  These bureaucrats and politicians remind me of the child who’s covered in cookie crumbs but swears he never got into the cookie jar.

I don’t care which side of the political spectrum you fall on, don’t you want to know the facts?  Aren’t we, as American citizens, entitled to the truth of what our government employees are up to?  It may be a case of “you can’t handle the truth,” but I think we owe future generations to find out what the truth is.

I remember watching Dragnet as a child, and for many years after I had to deal with being called “Officer Gannon” (which was my maiden name).

The thing about Joe Friday and Bill Gannon was that they were interested only in the facts.  They wanted to know what happened and they weren’t interested in any kind of spin their witnesses, victims, and suspects had to sell.

We need to toughen up and hold our government responsible not only for whatever cookie jars they’ve had their hands in, (and every day there’s another one), we also have to hold them responsible for their lies.  There are some who think that it’s not a big deal to lie, and that everyone does it, and that it’s as natural to a politician to lie as it is to breathe.

Well, then, maybe we need some new kind of politicians.  People who are interested in running the government in an honest way, where they don’t have to lie about what they do.  A lie is a lie is a lie.  It shouldn’t matter if it’s being told by a Republican or a Democrat, both are liars, and both need to go.

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