Yesterday, Today, and Hopefully Not Tomorrow


Communism has always frightened me.  I suppose going to elementary school in the sixties I was made aware at a very early age that the Russians and the Chinese hated us and wanted to destroy our republic.

We read stories about how people in communist countries were treated.  I particularly remember that if you lived in a communist country you didn’t get to make your own decisions.  If they wanted you to live in another town, that’s where you went, and you had to watch out because your neighbor was always spying on you and would tell the government if you didn’t behave in a “Soviet” way.  I remember thinking that I’d like to hear someone tell my Dad where he was going to live.  He wouldn’t have stood for it for 10 seconds.

Of course he is an American, and was secure in his Constitutional rights.  We are no longer secure in those rights.

I always thought that if Communism came to America it would be because of a big battle.  There’s no way, I thought, that Americans would just hand over their country to those people, no way that could happen.

Yet, here we are.  Our government is spying on innocent civilians, targeting dissidents, trying to take away our guns, and trampling on equal protection like it’s going out of style, (which it is, because we don’t have it anymore).  When the government picks the winners and losers in all aspects of life, we are dehumanized because our value is based on attributes over which we have no control.

If we happen to mention, for example, that the practice of Affirmative Action is unfair on it’s face, we’re the ones with the problem.  Now, with Barack Obama in office we can’t say anything against him without being called a racist.  It’s insane!

I remember hiding under my desk during air drills, and being frightened by what I heard about Communists.  They, along with Charlie Manson, are my bogeymen, and I fear them even more today.

I don’t conform well and I tend to have a big mouth, so sitting quietly by and doing nothing isn’t what I want to do.  I want to fight these commie bastards with everything I have because I’ll be damned if my grandchildren are going to live under a Communist regime.

And so I fight on, taking the message to everyone I know or can get to listen.  We all have to do it or we’re going to end up being eaten by commie zombies who will steal our money, our souls, and our liberty.  We mus stop them, for ourselves, and our posterity.

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