Making our Blood Boil…

OK, so this weekend it was very hot out here where I live.  We’re talking 107 degrees, and that’s an official scorcher

Having grown up in this kind of heat, I’d like to say that I’m used to it……NOT!  It would be like someone who lives in the Midwest saying they’re used to tornadoes.  This kind of severe weather happens, and no matter how many years you’ve lived where it happens, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

Of course, there are strategies for dealing with extreme heat.  First of all, you do all of your errands and anything that will use electricity or generate heat in the morning.   I usually cook for the day so I can reheat in the microwave later.  You do not want an oven on in your house when it’s 107 degrees outside!

We usually open our windows to catch whatever coolness there is before it’s gone, then it’s batten down the hatches.  Windows shut, blinds down, and it’s time to do as little as possible.  Of course, if you’re a millionaire and can afford $500 utility bills each month, you crank up the air conditioner.  We have ours set for about 82 degrees, which is cooler than 107 but still warm.  So, we stay in one space and crank up the ceiling fan and the floor fan, (sounds like an aircraft engine…but who cares?  It feels great!).

I remember the days before we had central air.  My mother shut down the house and we stayed inside.  It’s strange because my memories of summer are of dark spaces.  We either stayed inside, went to the movies, or to the roller skating rink, (where the lights were low but they had a massive air cooler).  When we escaped it was usually to ride our bikes the few blocks to the local liquor store, where it was always cold inside and they had a great selection of ice cream.  I can still smell the inside of that store, it had the refrigerated smell, tinged with the scent of cigars.  Ah yes!  The smells of summer…

Last weekend was graduation weekend, and of course the weather is usually freezing cold or broiling hot.  It never ceases to amaze me how people who should know better don’t.  The weather forecast was for extreme heat on Saturday, but did the high schools make any adjustments for the weather?  Of course not!  So, families arrived in mid afternoon, (the worst part of the day), to sit in a stadium with no shade and metal seats.  Oh, and no water either….

So, people started dropping like flies.  Heat stroke, heat sickness, fainting, whatever it is, it’s not pretty and there were so many that the local hospital was swamped.  What were the schools thinking?  It’s not like they don’t run the facilities themselves, and that they have no way to contact the graduates and their families about changing the time or location, (heck, I get at least 3 robo calls a week from my son’s school!).  Instead, they took the route typical of public “servants” they arranged it all for their convenience, not taking into account what would happen.

Idiots all!  Anyone with an ounce of brains would know that you don’t put thousands of people in an unshaded stadium with no water when it’s 107 degrees outside, particularly when it isn’t necessary!

They could have had it in their beautiful new air conditioned gym, they could have rescheduled for 10 am or 8 pm, and held it in the stadium, they could have at least rented or borrowed some kind of shade structures, or had water on hand.  Frankly, if I was one of the people who got sick, I’d sue the district, at least it would get them thinking about someone other than themselves.

You see, that’s the real problem today.  The schools and government offices are set up for the convenience of their workers and administrators.  They don’t care about how what they do affects others, it’s all about them.

As long as public employees are allowed to make decisions that affect our lives, we should have the right to make decisions that affect theirs.  We must get rid of the public sector union apparatus which is destroying this country and infuriating its citizens.

There’s a case here in California where the former BART director, who received a huge payout, (nearly 1 million dollars), to go away because she was incompetent, (and of course they didn’t handle her dismissal correctly, hence the payout).  Then they left her on the payroll so she could collect her 80 weeks of unused vacation time, during which time she accrued 2 more months of vacation, and was being paid full benefits.  She was the highest paid employee and she didn’t work one day and she has the gall to say she was “worth it.”  What kind of wacko universe are we living in?

It’s a good thing I’m writing this now that the weather has cooled down because it makes my blood boil just thinking about it.  I would love to know who these people are that are making these huge salaries and how do they get these jobs?  Who decides they’re worth it?  Shouldn’t it be the public, not the other overpaid administrators and board members who set their salaries?

So now BART will be increasing fees that the average worker will have to pay to get to work every day, and this thief, (yes, Dorothy Dugger, I’m calling you a thief, and a con artist, and frankly, I’d like to know how you sleep at night), this thief lives high on the hog in her fancy house and tells us she’s worth it.  Let me tell you something, the time will come when people like you will be spending your golden years in the slammer.  Which is exactly what you and your compatriots deserve for colluding with the politicians and the board members to get yourself all the goodies you can. You weren’t worth it when you were “working” and you’re definitely not worth it now.

Ahhh…. I feel much better…


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