Global Warming?

Here they come again.  Just when you thought that people were cluing into the whole global warming thing as another hoax, here comes the same cast of characters, trying to keep the myth alive.

It never ceases to amaze me how “true believers” of anything will go to great lengths to maintain their illusions.  We see this kind of behavior among supporters of crooked politicians, among supporters of programs proven not to be effective, and especially by those who choose to live their lives based on principles that by their very nature are hypocritical.

Unless you’re living in a dirt shack with no electricity, you have no clothing except grass skirts, and you eat nothing but roots you dig up with your bare hands, your attacks on modern society are hypocritical.

I’m sick and tired of people like Al Gore who fly around in private planes and live in huge mansions telling us that we should conserve and recycle.  Is he kidding me?  Who died and made him God?  I can tell you, he’s not the boss of me!

Which is why, whenever there’s one of those “lights out” nights we crank everything up full blast.  I don’t care what people think and if they want to live in a state of denial and delusion that’s their business, but, when they have the unmitigated gall to tell me how to live, that’s were I draw the line.

I’m old enough now that I’ve seen it all before.  There’s this huge movement and all of the lemmings fall in line and walk behind some “savior,” (usually an idiot), until they get tired of it.  Then, they’re all onto the next thing, trotting along behind some other idiot or group of idiots, (they seem to run in packs), to try to “change the world.”

Yeah, you’ve changed it already.  But like I told a friend who voted for Obama because we “needed a change, ” change isn’t always for the better.

There are things we can do to make a difference in our world, but the fact is that if we all used common sense and good manners a lot of the problems in the world would be gone.  The problem is that human nature doesn’t work that way.  We are by nature insecure creatures, and being part of a “group” makes us feel stronger.  However, if we could find a way to get along as individuals our need for groups, (other than for tasks that need cooperative effort), would lessen.

We all want the planet to thrive so we can enjoy living on it, and I don’t object to recycling because I abhor waste.  However, I have a hard time dealing with people who manipulate others for their own advantage.  Al Gore didn’t become a multi-millionaire by being a public servant.  He did it by creating a market for his product, carbon credits, and all of those people who followed him seemed to be either unaware or in denial about that.

This planet has survived a lot worse than what we’re giving it now, and will continue to survive long after we’re gone.  I’m more concerned with the state of humanity than I am with the state of the planet.  If we could solve the “people” problem, all the other problems would be a lot easier to solve.


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