Our Reawakening


Like many other people we’ve spent the last couple of years dealing with personal and professional issues.  We’ve each dealt with the loss of a beloved parent, made changes in jobs and relationships, and came to the realization that it is impossible to dedicate ourselves to E&O on an everyday basis.

However, we no longer want to sit on the sidelines and watch as organizations like “Black Lives Matter” target law enforcement, Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts, and Christians and Conservatives are targeted.

So, although we won’t be an everyday presence on the web, we have rededicated ourselves to work towards a reawakening of the American spirit.

With that reawakening comes a deep responsibility, to help our American brothers and sisters to grow and to awaken them to what’s really happening to all of us, however we may categorize ourselves.  Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians, Independents, Greens, Republicans and Democrats…we must stop dividing ourselves from one another and stop building walls between one another. We need to start viewing each other as Americans and start finding what we have in common and not what separates us.

While we argue and fight over political differences, the real enemy is destroying America right under our noses.  They’ve been riling us up and putting us in each others faces on purpose because they want to distract us while they methodically dismantle the United States of America.

Without any doubt there is an enemy out there. It isn’t your Libertarian neighbor or your Democrat  family member or your Conservative friend. It isn’t that Tea Party Patriot defending the Constitution. Nor is the enemy the San Francisco liberal fighting for gay rights. It is not the West Virginian who hunts and defends their land with their guns or the New York feminist defending the right to have an abortion. Not the devout Christian and not the atheist.

Although each and every one of us have different ideas about what we feel is best based on our own life experiences, we have one thing that binds us all. We are all Americans. We are all connected by what happened in 1773 with the Boston Tea Party, and in 1776 with the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Our American Revolution culminated in 1789 with the drafting of the document that gave us our inalienable God-given rights – the Constitution.

We live in a world where many don’t know right from wrong and good from bad. We are being lulled into ignorance and confused by attempts by our enemy, The Powers That Be, because they want us  to forget what it means to be an American. They know that when they have succeeded in making us forget, we won’t fight so hard when they take away our American identity and our American rights.

Essex and Orange 1773 is founded by two people who, before the presidential primary of 2000, would never have become close friends, let alone climb over the walls that divided us. I was a 47 year old gay man living in the heart of San Francisco. Susan was a staunch lifelong Republican. In 2008 we each knew something was wrong. We set off to find the truth,  not knowing where it would take us. And with many journeys of self discovery and awakening, it brought us back to the beginning – the beginning of America. And that is where Susan and I found out who we were and where we needed to go. It is where we found each other.

Many others have found themselves after this same journey to seek the truth at the same exact spot.   Rediscovering what it means to be an American through rediscovering the struggles of our Founders and all of our American ancestors who were willing to give of their lives and personal fortunes to co-create with their God a nation never seen or created before on earth.

It is the study of that struggle by our Revolutionary sisters and brothers that has created in me a rebirth of devotion and dedication to the founding principles of our nation.  These ideas, brought forth by those who risked their lives and declared their commitment to God and to liberty, formed our nation  A nation that has served  as a beacon of hope for all people all around the world who have ever yearned to be free.

Today I see the manifestation of the concerns, worries, obstacles and fears our Founders had for the future.  This generation of Americans is facing the challenge they feared most, that we would lose our love of liberty and allow ourselves to be enslaved by our government.

Susan and I both feel we have been called by a higher power to continue on our own journey of awakening so that we may help and guide others through the confusion and difficulties that go along with the self-discovery process.  We are doing this for the country we love and for our sisters and brothers, our fellow Americans.

Once a soul is awakened it can never go back to sleep.

We at Essex and Orange 1773 invite you to join us on a journey of awakening and growth.

We will challenge you to let go of ideas, judgments and beliefs you may have held on to for a very long time. We will do our best to open your mind by speaking to your heart.

You are not who you think you are. You are not defined by the beliefs of others or by groups of people you have for one reason or another aligned yourself with. We must not be afraid to look into our own hearts and souls to look to see what is inside so that we can begin to distinguish truth from lies, light from dark and good from evil.

It begins by lifting the walls of anger, hatred and hurt we have separated ourselves with.  Once we have done that, the awakening process will begin and the walls we have created to keep ourselves apart from others will begin to crumble. When they do, we will find and see each other again … as Americans. Anger and hatred will give way to love, light, truth and power. With truth comes power…the power to defeat all things that are not of the light.

It is 1773 all over again. And the truth is this. We have a fight ahead of us and in order to win this fight we must not only break down the walls between us, we must start building bridges to one another again. Bridges to fight the powers that want to take down the America our Founders created and  intended for us to keep. Make no mistake about it, those people and forces that are plotting and planning for the demise of America  are doing it right in front of our eyes for all of us to see. The Communists and Socialists, Union bosses, Islamic Radicalism, the Progressives, and the New World Order elites. They are being helped by the self-serving corrupt leaders in our own government.

We need to build bridges to one another before it is too late. Common sense Americans who are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents. We must come together for a fight for the heart and soul of a country we all love. It’s time to find what we have in common so that we can fight together in the battles that lie ahead. Americans need to come together in this fight to survive. And if we do not, we all shall surely perish separately.


Essex and Orange 1773

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