Why Trump?


As far as I’m concerned it’s too early in the primary process to decide which candidate I will support.  Frankly, the Republican field is deep, with a large variety of options.

Of course, as anyone with access to the mainstream media knows, Donald Trump is the current front runner, well ahead of the rest of the Republican pack, and even ahead of the “inevitable” Hillary Clinton.  His rise has exacerbated an ongoing struggle within the Republican party; the GOP Elite “RINO”s vs. those who identify as Tea Party “Conservatives.”

This has been going on for many years, even before the Tea Party existed.  In the seventies Ronald Reagan challenged Gerald Ford in the Presidential primary and nearly beat him.  At the time, he was looked upon as a spoiler and depicted as nothing more than a “B movie film actor.”  Well, we know how that worked out.  Turns out he was a pretty good actor, and a great President.  However, he was never entirely trusted by the Republican establishment, who preferred squishy conservatives like Nelson Rockefeller and George H.W. Bush.

I’m not saying that Donald Trump is another Reagan, but both men caused a similar panic within the establishment.  Why is this?

I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with people who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.  The Republican establishment likes to be able to control their candidates.  Reagan and Trump both bypass this control in the same way. Instead of running everything through focus groups and consultants, they go straight to the people.  This makes the establishment class uncomfortable not only because they can’t control “the message,” but also because they themselves become redundant.

The establishment is terrified of renegades like Trump.  They fret and fuss over how he’s going to be “perceived,” and cringe when he makes statements that are undeniably true, yet not elegantly presented.  It’s the unscripted, off-the-cuff, “tell it like it is” style of someone like Trump that frightens them the most.  While they spend days poring over talking points he just comes out with it.

People love that.

I believe that the average American citizen has been waiting for someone like Trump to come along.  Someone who isn’t afraid of the establishment, and who doesn’t really need them.  What he says resonates with people not only because a lot of it is unvarnished truth, but also because someone is finally saying what they’ve been thinking.  Americans love “sticking it to the man,” and that’s what Trump does.  He’s not afraid to call out anybody and he’s not going to be politically correct when he does it.

What the establishment does understand is that the Tea Party was a direct rejection of their policies.  When we say that we’re “Taxed Enough Already” we aren’t just flinging that comment at Democrats.  We’re trying to put the elite of both parties on notice that we are fed up and aren’t going to take it anymore.  The Tea Party was even more revolutionary than Occupy Wall Street because it was never an official “organization.”  Instead it was the periodic gathering and behind the scenes political and social work of private citizens who wanted real “change” and a deep examination of how our government operates and how it treats its citizens.

The government has sicced its attack dog, the IRS, on Tea Party groups, and has done everything it can to silence private citizens.  Free speech no longer exists.  We have to be politically-correct in our speech and are unable to express ourselves freely without fear of reprisal.

Then here comes Donald.  He calls our leaders “stupid,” and means it. We’ve always known that most politicians aren’t particularly bright so it’s no surprise to us. We also know that those who are bright are usually crooks. How is it that people go into the House of Representatives as middle class and come out wealthy?  They’ve learned how to work the system.  Many of them were grifters before they ran for office, and they don’t change their stripes once they get in.

Now there may be some who think that Trump can’t possibly have clean hands after dealing with government entities all of these years.  I would be very surprised if his company hasn’t had to grease a few palms and make some “donations” in order to expedite their building projects.  Who’s at fault in that situation? The person who’s using the powers of their office for their personal gain. or the guy who’s trying to get a building built?  Frankly, I’m surprised this hasn’t been a focus of anti-Trump propaganda yet.  I suppose that the fact that Trump knows what all of these politicians have been up to for years has kept them quiet.

I’m waiting to see how all of this plays out.  Trump is not yet my candidate, but I’ve enjoyed watching him get the establishment political parties and mainstream media all worked up.  This primary season is going to be very interesting.