Get Outta Here!

a-man-in-the-roomI know I’m getting older, but it seems that just when I think things have gone completely off the rails, they’ve fallen off the bridge.

The recent controversy over bathroom use is a bridge too far.  It’s one of those situations when you really become even more convinced that liberalism is a mental disorder.  It’s insane.

Now, I should state that I may not be as conservative on some social issues as some of our readers.  Years of living in San Francisco will give you a different perspective.  For me, it was working with and getting to know people of many different persuasions.  When you sit next to someone all day, their sexual habits mean very little, and you begin to relate to them as just another human being.

During the late 1980s I had a job that involved working on Sunday mornings in the Financial District in San Francisco.  The first day I was walking across Market Street at the same time as a person who was obviously a man dressed as a woman crossed as well.  For several weeks we’d see each other and after a while we began to nod in greeting, then say “Good Morning.” One morning he looked a little worse for wear and so I said, “Rough night, huh?” and he laughed and told me I didn’t know the half of it.  For almost a year we saw each other weekly, and although I wouldn’t have considered him a friend, after a while I found myself worrying if I didn’t see him, and wondering if he was OK.

During my years living and working in San Francisco I encountered several transgender or transvestites in public restrooms.  There was an unwritten rule that if you were dressed as a woman you used the ladies room.  I was never afraid of them, and frankly they were always very nice and considerate.  I guess if I had anything to say about them I’d say that I found them rather sad and desperate to be accepted by women as a woman.

There are very few real transgendered women out there, so the odds of an average woman encountering one in a public restroom are slim to none.  The problem we’re having now is that the culture has gone so off the rails that it appears to be OK to choose what gender you want to be that day.  Huh? This is absolute insanity!

Essentially this craziness has done two major things that the Left claims they are against.  They’ve created a backlash against true transgendered people, most of whom are harmless and willing to cooperate by using an alternative gender neutral bathroom.  These people, many of whom have struggled their whole lives and who’ve had to endure painful surgeries are now assumed to be rapists and child molesters.

Then there’s the whole “rape culture” meme that claims that every man out there is a potential rapist and that we as women should be terrified of all of them.  So, the same people who claim we live in a “rape culture” are condoning straight men who use the “I feel like a girl today” excuse to gain access to a woman’s restroom.  Feeling safer now ladies?

The stupidity of this situation has resulted in even more stupidity.  Target, which is a family oriented chain of stores, has decided that they’re all in on the “I’m a girl today” program.  Double duh!  Let’s tell all of our customers that if they go into our stores they may have to worry about creepy men, (who aren’t even dressed as women), using the same public restroom where a mother is changing her baby’s diaper.  The stupidity of the management of Target is beyond the beyond.  They could have just said nothing, but instead are now dealing with a plunging market value and a lot fewer customers.  I guess you get what you ask for when you don’t remember who your customers are!

The worst thing of all is the fact that the federal government insists that all schools allow boys/girls who think they are girls/boys to use the locker room and restroom of their choice.  They claim it’s their right, but no consideration is given to the 99.9% of students who should have a right to privacy in separate facilities.  Being a teenager is tough enough already.

I wonder why those same Lefties who want the government out of their bodies and their bedrooms think it’s OK for the Feds to be in their bathrooms?

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